Drip Road did very well on Amazon, and was at the top of the Womens Poetry list and at times the Poetry List for a month on publication
Tormaukin and Drip Road are poems on the Scottish Highland in Winter and Summer. Both were inspired by the same things that happened in Sally's life. Tormaukin is the mountain hare that turns white in Winter. Drip Road is the road from Stirling towards the western highlands, and is the only Drip Road on the planet, according to Google maps.


 A Burrell Tapestry and a Marion Burrell Sampler.  diehard 2017 pbk £5/ Poems from the story of Wm Burrell and his feud with his daughter

A  new development for Sally's Poetry: two Firewater Press e-books have been successfully published. Tormaukin, with cover by artist Vicky Stonebridge, and Anderson's Piano, about the train derailment near Cruachan.
Both poem sequences are set against the Scottish highland scenery.


--and follow the white winter hare in a dance round Scotland --

and see Anderson's Piano  here


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above: Some of the poets visiting Corbenic on the Friday of Callander Poetry Weekend 2016: Ron Williams, Deborah Tyler-Bennett, Andy Allan
Installation at Corbenic Poetry Path, Trochry near Dunkeld -- just a few miles uphill from the Wade bridge pictured top of page. A line from The Honey Seller.

 *The Robert Tannahill Poetry Prize: an international Poetry Competition with Englsih Language and Scots Language sections, judged by Sally Evans, closingdate 7 January 2017. see full details:   Robert Tannahill Poetry Prize

More going on: Keep Poems Alive International, favourite poems from English language poets world wide http://keeppoemsalive.com/

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The Grecian Urn, from Bucharest University, is in English with  Romanian translations and there is a new edition of the same work with Spanish translations


and here's a lovely anthology of poems about jewellery, containing two of mine alongside Graves, Keats, Shakespeare, and many contemporary and well known poets, you name them. A lovely gift to yourself or someone else

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Here's Alistair Cook's Filmpoem of my poem about Flanders Moss

 Filmpoem 23: Mirror

This was the cover of a short internet feature of Pamela North's photrographs with a few of my poems/No longer online.


Click here for New Linear Perspectvies interview with me and Andrew F Giles, November 2011, in which I talk about Poetry Scotland, The Bees and the bookshop.

Earlier An interview with Sally by Ryan Van Winkle, May 2010. Mostly about Poetry Scotland, and also the Callander Poetry Weekend which takes place each September. The Poetry Weekend has a page of its own on this site.

New: Many of my earlier published poems are now posted on the Poemhunter website. Please read some of  my Poemhunter poems here  

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we've got something for you
Hear me sing!

Light pillar           
photo Pat Morrissey

Swirled colour
no prentice pillar
in cool interior

plain smooth stone
the artist sun
and new stained glass

congregation absent
cushioned chairs
mind their history

oaken furniture
Knox's pulpit

poverty riches
dearth of images

among these colours
someone prepares
flowers on a table

we walk round
the familiar

(Dunfermline Abbey)
(Durham Cathedral)
Stirling parish church

all their trammels
of power and art
stone more than words

changeable windows,
glass and sunlight,
slabs and weather

in an instant
around a curve.

Sally Evans


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Bee video clips

the start of a new collection of fascinating bee data

The decade's turn was marked by prolonged white-out, see Lake of Menteith above, and see the Curling episode on *start here blog.*  Other things that happened a long time ago, in 2009, see below

*Viewing Tower, Flanders Moss: two great pictures to start the new diehard poetry news page

*Welsh, Gaelic and poetry in Snowdonia: SNAP to the Guardian (I blogged this 30 Nov, they blogged same pic with a poetry item 1 Dec.) see start here blog.

*Gatehouse of Fleet & poem for Adrian Mitchell 
Liverpool trip: this week page   *Deer ticks: garden page


*Bho Leabhar Latha Maria Malibran

*Callander Poetry Weekend 09 Gallery and account left menu

*Which science fiction writer made Loch Katrine disappear?
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Let's go pick blaeberries,
strong, dark, sweet blaeberries

that lie in lairs
as though they know
the country's dangerous.

They hide dark wine-blue hue
among mild red-green leaves
on slopes that stalk the sun.

Let's stay an hour or so,
pretend we live like this
always, provisioning

this fruit we breakfast on,
freeze down, consume as pies,
juice thickened by heat,

sweetened with honey. High
on high braes in July,
blaeberries, earthy.

Let's go pick blaeberries
Let's go seek, let's go early.

Let's go pick blaeberries
Beth Junor took this pic of our favourite Trossachs dining room and stopping off point. Ben A'an behind. Has to be a favourite pic. It's not even so much the photography as the place feeling like part of our living space. The Blaeberries poem appeared in The Great North Road.

Callander Poetry Weekend 2009  -- now with its own page see left menu.


Itinerant Poetry Librarian.
Continuously since May 2006 The Itinerant Poetry Librarian has been travelling the world with a free public library, installing the library & librarian and archiving the sounds, poems and poetry of the cities, peoples and countries she meets.

We’ve now clocked up over 1000 hours of public library service, in 11 countries & 21 cities worldwide, in over 150 different locations.

We’re here to ...

    * Remind people of the importance of free public libraries
    * Subvert mainstream channels of distribution
    * Remind people that access to knowledge should be free and not dependent upon economic wealth hierarchies
    * Show people that poetry/art can provide answers to questions we ask of life
    * Experiment in existing outside of 'the market' – thereby, instead, investing in social capital, social innovation and community.

Incidental FAQs...

    * Yes we carry our entire life and the library with us as we go
    * Yes, it is quite heavy
    * No, we're not mad. As the former US Poet Laureate, Charles Simic, once said, 'But what if poets are not crazy?' That's the spirit boyo!
    * In the US we operated our entire life and library on a budget of 4 US dollars per day
    * In East Germany in 2009 we achieved our personal budgetary best record: operating life & library on a budget of one euro per day
    * We operate under official regulations, guidance policies and with core purposes, designated as the movement GYMENDECOLOGY, and also known within peripheral circles as The Zen of the Library.
    * Our Library ByeByeLaws are based on Norfolk County Council's Public Libraries ByeLaws, in turn regulated under the original UK 1964 Libraries & Museums Act. Have we adapted them for our own purposes? Yes we have. Do we mean funny business? Yes we do.



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Bees settle

Clock Tower and Eucryphia, Cambo house

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Hi Sally - couldnt resist a peek at Byron's bedroom, which inspired the following:

Fallen Lucifers

We love our fallen Lucifers..
Lord Byron, Errol Flynn
With their fires forever burning
And their morals in the bin

They're so like an Xmas pudding
With the sixpences stuffed in
They're rich and mad and bad for us,
There's nought so sweet as sin!

                             Sheena Blackhall , Boxing Day

 "The apostrophe is disappearing and will disappear altogether by the end of the century," said Dr Treharne. See http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/1055772.stm

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