A book and two pamphlets. A Burrell Tapestry is the newest one, and it is deliberately written in the sort of matter-of-fact language Burrell would have used.

Bewick ---GNR

     Bewick Walks to Scotland 2004, and The Great North Road 2007, dealt with similar themes of searching the countryside between and in England and Scotland.
Bewick, being a Newcastle artist who spent a summer of his youth walking to and round central Scotland, was a great  focus of these concerns of mine. By the time I was writing The Bees, planted firmly in Scotland, I had cleared these ideas about the length and breadth of the country - the same theme as in Looking for Scotland and the same theme as a novel I wrote earlier.
     Burrell (2011) looks out from Scotland at the world, though there is also a Northumberland connection. I wrote Burrell a few years ago, and have since written the sequence Anderson's Piano, and of course some other poems.