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Video is brilliant for observing bee-haviour, at last beekeeperThese links will mainly be videos but first one that appealed to me: Make your own 16th century beesuit (see Breughel drawing above). While on Martin's site (beesuit) go to Beekeeing and Skeps and scroll down, and there you'llfind pictures of Martin working in the suit.
This is the clip that decided me to keep this collection: a new queen "piping."  It's a legend, mentioned in bee books but to hear it and see it on video is amazing. You'd have to be a pretty experienced beekeeper to be sure of hearing this at your own hives Here is a fab discussion of a hive and the queen, in French (great pictures) by a guy who is NOT afraid of being stung. It's #4 of several bee videos: scroll right down the page.

The other videos there are good too. There seems to be some sort of points contest on the go, but I couldnt work out how to give Mr French Beekeeper my vote!

A short clip of the now well known bee dance to show directions beyond the hive.. and a slightly longer video of the dance.

Here is Anna Dickie's short video clip of me talking about the bees at Callander Poetry Weekend. I think I look very jerky but a lot of people said they liked the talk.

A video of making honey an easy way without spinners, but you lose the comb

Three BBC bee videos:   
How to move a nest: a brilliant video of rescuing a colony in a house roof
Keeping bees on a high flat roof
Bee management on the Wirral

Attenburgh goes up a tree  to see large honey bees

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